Hydrogen Technology

EngineHydrogen is not in and of itself an energy source, because it is not naturally occurring as a fuel. It is, however widely regarded as an ideal energy storage medium due to the ease with which electric power can convert water into its hydrogen and oxygen components through electrolysis.

HydroPhi’s technologies accomplish hydrogen production by inputting small amounts of energy into H2O to split water molecules. This produces a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which are then introduced real-time as a fuel additive to increase engine efficiency while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

HydroPhi’s water-based hydrogen production systems combine the interdisciplinary knowledge of electrochemistry; power electronics; nano-material coatings and combustion dynamics. The Company has system-engineered this body of knowledge into an application ideally suited to integrate with current engine technology.

Hydrogen as an Additive

  • Although hydrogen can be used as a fuel for a PEM cell or for direct combustion as a primary fuel, HydroPhi’s production of hydrogen is intended to be used as an additive to petroleum based fuels.
  • HydroPhi provides an efficient method of hydrogen production and managing the delivery of hydrogen into the engine fuel system thereby making the combustion process more efficient overall.
  • There is ample evidence that the HydroPhi system provides significant improvements to the level of hydrogen generated at efficiencies that do not drain horsepower; the system simply delivers a net gain in fuel efficiency.
  • HydroPhi’s proprietary system intelligently produces and injects hydrogen into the combustion process making brake thermodynamic improvements substantial.